I didn’t wait for Gu Chen to say it before I heard the old charm of the snowy mountain rush: "The third is that Mrs. Miao deliberately released water!"

The demon corpse GuChen smiled and said, "Well! I guess so, too. Although I don’t know what the Emei Sect’s move means, anyway, if we go in with her at this time. You lose the initiative. Therefore, we have to wait. I believe we can only reap the sweetest fruit until the end. Of course, it is very likely that we will wait for a long time and come to nothing, but at least then we can leave a life! "
The old charm of the snowy mountain was obviously impatient and whispered, "When will this wait?"
The demon corpse Gu Chen smiled slightly and said, "My brother, be patient. We have survived these hundreds of years. What can I do if I wait a little longer? At the very least, we must be more patient than that person, otherwise we may become prey of others! " Said GuChen refers to the mysterious man in the dark clouds outside the hole.
On hearing the word’ prey’, the old charm of Snow Mountain suddenly changed her face like a cat whose tail was stepped on. "Ow!" It exploded with a sound, and it seemed as if it had been stimulated in the past.
Demon corpse GuChen smiled. Gently grabbed the hand of the old ghost of the snow mountain and said, "My brother, haven’t you forgotten that painful experience in the past?" Long eyebrows are no longer in the world now. What do you have to be frightened of? And although our brothers became prey last time, this time we are going to be hunters! "
The old charm of the snowy mountain took a few breaths slightly. After a moment of calm, I finally slowed down and reluctantly smiled at Guchen. "Am I very unproductive?" I cann’t believe the thought of that damn long eyebrow. I was scared like this! What a shame! "
GuChen gently patted the head of the old charm than the snow mountain and said faintly, "No, it’s not your fault. It’s my fault that I didn’t protect you. It is my brother’s fault! "
The old charm of Snow Mountain shook her head and smiled: "Well, Brother Chen, don’t say it. After all, times have changed and the old thing with long eyebrows has soared to the celestial world. Let it go!" I hope that this time we can wash away the shame and regret of the last time. "
GuChen light way: "well! Then let’s wait slowly! " ……——
Let’s talk about that wonderful lady, Xunlan, who was shocked when she saw that the golden light fell and hit the Ziyun barrier with a blow. Although he said that he already wanted to let go of the ban, he didn’t expect people to be so tough!
At the same time, Yin Sutang also showed a grim color: "Sister Lan Yin, do you also feel that this breath is familiar?"
Xun Lan only showed the color of an epiphany because he was slightly stunned, but his eyes were even more shocked. "Sister means him!"! But will he really come here? "
Yin Su-tang said, "What’s strange about this? The ancestor haha in Didong, Nanchang, has shown his true face several times. I think he can’t sit still!"
Tang Wan, who was nearby, could not understand the meaning. "What are you talking about, two sisters?"? Who the hell is that person? "
Yin Sutang said with a smile, "If my guess is correct, then the person in the dark cloud should be the king of Xuanyuan, an old demon who lives in the top of the West Kongtong!"
Tang Wan slightly one leng couldn’t help raising eyes to scrutinize Xuanyuan French king’s place name head. She has heard it not once or twice, but this time it is the first real experience. Will see that a golden black light in the dark clouds didn’t flash with Tang Wan’s excellent eyesight, and he could only see that a demon with dark skin and golden eyes and a fierce appearance was wrapped in the golden light.
Tang Wan couldn’t help saying in his heart, "What a powerful demon! This person’s cultivation is even higher than that of Sister Innocent! Almost similar to the new jade elder sister, but the ShaQi that slaughtered everything on him is valuable. If I can kill this person and deprive him of his living soul … "
Tang Wan, who fell into psychosexuality at the thought of this place, already had sparkling little stars in his eyes. Looking at King Xuanyuan’s eyes is like looking at a big Halloween turkey!
Yin Sutang touched Tang Wan and shouted, "Wan’er! What are you thinking? Don’t worry about anything else. Pay attention to the blood over there. Don’t miss the opportunity! Then King Xuanyuan has no enmity with our family. Even if he comes down to find trouble, he can’t find our sisters. Don’t pay attention to him. "
"Oh!" Tang Wan some reluctantly put the greedy eyes continue to stare at the blood evil spirit. At this time, the bloody evil spirit has been firmly suppressed by Deng Yin, but it is still struggling to resist. I’m afraid it will take some time for Deng Yin to completely subdue it and enjoy a big meal.
After the Xuanyuan French king attacked the Ziyun barrier. Also slightly hesitant andao: "What’s going on? What tricks are the Emei Sect playing again? Why is the Ziyun barrier just like a piece of rice paper? Do you want to deliberately lead me in? Or … "
In fact, this is the Xuanyuan French king’s own thoughts, and he also took his own pledge! But who knew he would come in advance! How can I plan him if I don’t know he’s coming? It’s just that King Xuanyuan’s caution is not unreasonable. I think that when the Emei Sect was presided over by a real person with a long eyebrow, it was the heyday when how many demons, old and young, were killed and how many evil spirits were sealed in the dark! However, this Xuanyuan French king can still firmly occupy the western hills and become a magic banner that does not land.
Even when the demons were forced to retire.
His cautious style of doing things. In fact, the qualifications of Xuanyuan French king are generally hard-working and lucky, and their luck is not outstanding. But he has one magic weapon to win: caution.
With this caution, King Xuanyuan’s fellow disciples were killed by the right people, but he was still alive and well, so he became the overlord of the West Kongtong. It is also because of this caution. The magic masters of his generation are almost dead, but he is still alive. So he became the leader of the whole magic way.
Although Xuanyuan French king hesitated, or he had a deeper calculation. But those monks who waited eagerly outside for half a day would not hesitate to flock to the hole that was only ten feet in size. Although just now, they also saw the blood in it, and people’s names were like ants and moths. But as the saying goes, wealth and danger are in danger! If there is no risk, where can we get the benefits?
Look at the people rushing in. A wonderful lady didn’t want to make up the loophole at all. Tang Wan was puzzled: "Sister Lan, since you don’t want to stop them from coming in, why don’t you just put this Ziyun barrier away? It saves them the trouble of squeezing in that small hole. "
Xun Lan smiled and said, "This man is really a miserable wretch! You have to squeeze in that little hole. Everyone will fight for it. If I accept the Ziyun barrier directly, they will think that there is some conspiracy and they will be suspicious! Just let them go. "
Tang Wan shrugged her shoulders and said that it was understandable that when she opened her mouth to say something, suddenly a little bit of light came out of her eyes. Almost without any hesitation, Tang Wan’s hand that has been prepared for a long time has been thrown out in the first place.
I saw a green light flying straight out like an electric shot, but it didn’t have any goal. It just shot towards vanity! Of course, this is only what most people see, but they don’t know that it is that empty place that hides something that makes the fierce blood struggle painfully!
Although others don’t know it, Deng Yin, the son of the blood god, is not an idle generation. He is always cautious when he sees someone shooting a green light at his soul-eating bloodshot, but he won’t think it is a stray bullet shot by someone. Deng Yin didn’t dare to have the slightest snub, and quickly hit a golden light to intercept Tang Wan’s Yin-addicted jack-o’-lantern.
That blood evil spirit is very important for Deng Yin. If this piece of blood evil spirit can be soothed and refined, his cultivation will be more diligent and the cultivation of Blood Nerve will be closer to the realm of dzogchen. That also means that he has more chips to negotiate with the forces of all parties, even without the long eyebrows.
Although Deng Yin was careful enough, he underestimated the power of Tang Wan.
Like Deng Yin, Tang Wan will never give up the power of blood evil spirit. Although she has no survival crisis, Tang Wan has never been a woman who is willing to be inferior to others. Since Xin Ruyu, Shen Shen and Chen Ziqin joined the "Pure Land of Blissfulness" one after another, Tang Wan has felt more and more weak. In the face of real masters, there is really no power to defeat the enemy except the different methods of sneak attack.
This time, Tang Wan truly realized the thirst for strength for the first time. She knew that if she could no longer improve her own strength, it might not be long before her ghost spirit with the title of "Killing Elf" became more and more severe as the enemy. Although Tang Wan only has Yi Yu in her heart, it is not something that Tang Wan can tolerate if she becomes a beautiful but not practical vase.
See Deng Yin shoot a golden light to intercept’ Yin addicted to jack-o’-lantern Tang Wan couldn’t help corners of the mouth slightly become warped revealed a cold smile let a person feel a thrill. Just see her hand changed a few printing formula and then look at that’ Yin addicted to jack-o’-lantern’ suddenly the shadow flashed into three!
Deng Yin slightly leng andao: "Sure enough, some doorways seem to be prepared! But I don’t know who is secretly enemies with my Deng Yin. " Although I don’t understand, this is not the time to explore cause and effect. Will see Deng Yin hand once again a shot in a row to shoot two golden light intercept points out the two green mans respectively.
Tang Wan sneered: "Hum! Do you play with me a lot? I have 100,000 ghosts to supply’ Yin addicted to ghost fire’ at all times, so I’m afraid you won’t succeed! " After talking, I saw that the French seal on her hand changed again and she began to mumble. Look at those three green awns, but they are divided into three to form a nine-palace battle array in the air and run faster!
Deng Yin slightly one leng his first reaction is’ illusion’, but nearly a thousand years of experience in fixing the truth has made him confident that there is no illusion that can fool his perception. The green light at nine o’clock in front of him is real energy. Deng Yin finally locked his eyebrows and his eyes showed dignified color.
Look at Deng Yin eyes a folded unexpectedly is directly to the yuan god control spells. That shot out of the three golden light suddenly shot up unexpectedly directly to the Tang Wan jack-o’-lantern front to form an optical network! At this time and this distance is too close, it is too late for Tang Wan to manipulate the jack-o’-lantern to change direction. I heard a series of "rumbling" sounds. After nine times, Deng Yin’s golden net still stood upright, while Tang Wan’s nine o’clock jack-o’-lantern had faded away.
Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan-yin both showed signs of depression. Now that Deng Yin has taken precautions, I’m afraid it will be difficult to cut off the connection between him and that bloody evil spirit again! Tang Wan just didn’t see any signs of discouragement. He was still smiling and seemed to have some pride.
At this time, the urgent need has been solved. When Deng Yin stood up, she turned her head and saw Tang Wan at a glance. The three of them couldn’t help but feel angry in their hearts: "It turned out that these three smelly bitches actually wanted to ruin Lao Zi’s good deeds. When I collected the blood, I must let you women who are long-sighted know that I am Deng Yin!"
Just when the blood son of God was cruel in his heart, he suddenly felt wrong, and then he showed the color of surprise and anger. Deng Yin at this time suddenly feel connected to the blood evil spirit of those soul-eating bloodshot unexpectedly suddenly all broken! Although Deng Yin was almost furious at this time, he didn’t have time to think about who calculated him and quickly used his means to remedy it.
Look at that bloody evil spirit, just as if it were a nutritionless idiot, but suddenly it was crazy! The thick blood fog burst out and spread out to devour everything around it crazily. Because of the calm just now, many curious monks have approached the blood evil spirit, but now they have become the food in the mouth of the world. Less than 10 people can escape within dozens of feet of Fiona Fang.
Tang Wan clapped his hands and smiled gently: "All right!"
Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan are both slightly one leng. Just now, they clearly watched her play out’ Yin addicted to jack-o ‘lantern’ and were stopped by Deng Yin’s spell. How did this succeed?
Tang Wan also saw their doubts and smiled: "The two sisters are puzzled and want your little sister to explain a thing or two?"
Yin Su-tang smiled angrily: "You ghost girl, don’t be a suspense, say it quickly!"
Tang Wan smiled and said, "Two sisters, please think that since my fire is called’ Yin is addicted to ghost fire’, how can it be bright? The so-called’ yin addiction’ as its name implies is secretly eating! " If you want to know what will happen after the funeral, please see the next "Who will catch cicadas"