"Ha ha" Su Ying laughed, laughing happily, natural and unrestrained, bright and clear, laughing all at a loss, confused.

"Interesting sister, you little brother are really interesting." Su Ying, who had laughed enough, turned around and praised the rainbow. Then he said to the old man around him, "Don’t stare blankly, old man, give money."
Very rude words, the face of the bitter-faced old man is more sad, but there is no anger. Then he takes out a storage bag from his waist and hands it to Tang Qing.
"There’s still one piece missing, make an iou?" The old man looked bitter, as if he owed a big favor. However, his voice is like a puppet, without any ups and downs, and he can’t recognize any emotions.
"Why be so serious?" Tang Qing smiled, but her eyes were a little cold. Took the bag and went straight back to the rainbow.
"Yes, yes, my sister can’t owe a favor." Su Ying seemed to remind herself deliberately, and seemed to remind Tang Qing. Suddenly he shouted, "Wei has no teeth."
Wei Wuya didn’t slip away, and he didn’t intend to slip away, although he did have this ability.
At this time, he looked down and seemed to be thinking. Thinking about what can’t be solved mystery, some difficult to decide.
Su Ying, however, sneered at what he was thinking. "What are you waiting for? Do you want us to do it?" .
Wei toothless didn’t answer. A moment later, he looked up and looked at Tang Qing like a ghost fire. He said faintly, "Tang Qing."
Tang Qing was startled, and his heart said that this guy was mad with anger, so how could he still find trouble with Tang Ye? Even if you make trouble, it will be later, but your mouth should say, "Grandpa Tang is here, why are you yelling?" I am timid, don’t scare me. "
Break your word and get fat? Turn your face completely? Even if he has this qualification, maybe the four seas business alliance intends to kill all these people, and then immediately go to war with the full moon alliance? That’s ridiculous
A little Wei has no teeth. Obviously, he doesn’t have such great energy, and even his master can’t.
Wei Toothless looked gloomy, and said with some disappointment, "You really surprised our seat that you have the ability to fight in the later stage. Perhaps you really have the qualification to fight with our seat. I admit that I was wrong about you. "
"Don’t lie" Tang Qing ha ha a smile, hurriedly put on the grandson. Glancing at Su Ying, Tang Qing said, "I can’t beat you, so you’d better keep your strength …"
"Ha ha" Wei toothless, as if some accident, and seems to be expected. He said, "So, it’s over between you and me?"
"Of course it’s over." Tang Qing nodded and agreed: "Unless you can’t get over it, Tang Ye and you have nothing to do. Well, you scolded the ruling, and Tang Ye killed you, and everyone tied, and the two owed each other, so let’s stop there and shake hands and make up … "
He chattered here, and everyone in the field almost fainted. Have sighed in my heart, if this person is shameless, he is really invincible.
It happened that Wei toothless seems to feel quite reasonable, at least on the surface. Don’t care about Tang Qing wordy, nodded, turned to Su Ying, sink a track: "this lost, naturally won’t play to depend on. But there is one thing to tell the fairy. "
"Said" Su Ying is still the appearance of that straddle the horse and cross the knife. If the knife and axe hit each other, refuse it.
"With the thumb gone, the magic power of this seat was abolished, and forty years of hard work went down the drain." Wei Toothless looked a little generous and sad, as if recalling all kinds of hardships over the years. There is still a trace of relief in the unspeakable sorrow, which is complicated and difficult to understand.
"The evil spirit’s heresy is nothing to mention, and it should have been abandoned long ago." Su Ying said with sarcasm and disdain: "The blade in our palm is dedicated to destroying the evil spirit. You should be glad that you have abolished the evil spirit."
Tang Qing next to her suddenly stumbled and almost fell to the ground. The Rainbow Fairy was startled by him, suppressed her voice and asked with concern, "What’s wrong with my younger brother? Not to take off the force, right? "
"It’s okay, it’s okay." Tang Qing looked bitter and waved his hand again and again. "This broken place is so slippery."
Everyone around him was at a loss, and the ink was a little curious and looked at his feet, and his eyes were dementia.
However, Wei Toothless sighed and said helplessly, "Maybe. Who can say for sure?". It’s just that since the magic power can’t be achieved, we can only break through the border and return to the road. Ten years later, at the island capture meeting, I will ask the fairy again and ask for advice. "
"Ten years" Su Ying looked disdainful, but his eyes showed some appreciation. Although his tone was still sonorous, it was no longer as cold as before.
"This seat is not to despise you, but you have been delayed for forty years and ten years, and you will not be our opponent."
"This seat has not wasted forty years." Wei toothless shook his head with a sigh. The eyes are full of fighting spirit, and in the thin body, the strong self-confidence that the share capital has disappeared seems to have turned around, and the voice gradually shows the determination of war.
"It’s no use saying more. Today, we vowed here. Ten years later, we will talk to the fairy again."
"This seat is waiting for you." Su Ying’s voice is like a stone, and she generously agrees.
Wei Toothless stopped talking and looked at his right hand. In his eyes, he showed disgust. Mouth murmured something, left index finger gently pick, then a wave of his hand.
There was a flash of red light, and the thick and swollen thumb fell. Somehow, there seems to be a crazy roar. I saw Wei’s toothless right arm, flagging rapidly at the speed visible to the naked eye. As if the flesh and blood of the whole arm were quickly sucked by some invisible thing.
Just a few breaths, the arm that is as thick as a human leg has become emaciated, just like his left hand.
Wei Toothless’s face was as white as paper, and he struggled to hand over to Su Ying and said, "Please, fairy."
Say and don’t wait for Su Ying to talk, the yellow light flashed, and the whole person disappeared into the air like hiding.
Numerous exclamations of "soil evasion" sounded.
"I am a native grandson" Tang Qing exclaimed at the same time.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four: Mutual bullying without face, breaking and then standing.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four: bully each other, break it and stand up, and go to the website.

Chapter three hundred and sixty-five: Not bad money?
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five: Not bad money?
Wei toothless left, like a desolate, tragic, unspeakable.
People are gone, and their fingers are still noisy. That little amputated finger actually swelled up after leaving Wei’s toothless body. It’s like a cocoon, squirming and changing. Between a few breaths, it turns into a meat ball full of teeth and tentacles, which is the size of a bowl.
Under the gaze of countless horror, the meat ball continues to change, four tentacles are waving sharply, the body is in the middle, and it slowly cracks, and a beast’s mouth is gradually taking shape.
Around his body, the aura of heaven and earth is like boiled water, constantly emitting various colors of light. The monster seems to be in pain. It feels that the surroundings are not the environment in which it can live, and it keeps making an inarticulate roar.
The roar is indescribable, but when you hear it, it stings your mind and sets off bursts of anxiety and fury. Many monks who have been trained for the bottom have a changeable complexion, and there is a tendency that they can’t control gradually.
Thick black gas spreads out from the mouth of the beast, wrapping its body, and the aura around it is more intense, squeezing the monster like a strong wind. It can be seen that if left alone, this monster, like a mutant jellyfish, will never survive and will eventually be consumed by life and death.
The monster is obviously aware of this, and when the body wriggles again, there are two meat wings slowly emerging. The instinct of survival drives it to try to escape from this place and find fertile soil for its own survival.
The best place is that a few tentacles of the human monk’s body dance, as if inquiring, stretching out in all directions. One of the particularly thick front-end, suddenly appeared an evil light flashing eyes. The person whose eyes are pointed at feels an irresistible chill rising in his heart, but at the same time, there is another one that drives him to integrate this monster into himself.
Several low-order monks have been unable to control their minds, their eyes gradually blurred, and their bodies actually involuntarily walked towards the monster, as if they were summoned.
Several exclamations and several reprimands, there are few monks here who walk alone. Everyone saw the evil of this thing, and people with peers used the magical power of pure heart to wake up their companions.
Some Yuan Baby Johnson and some knowledgeable people have already exclaimed. They have clearly recognized what is in front of them, but they dare not speak out easily because of the face of the four seas business alliance. It is absolutely taboo for Wei Toothless to practice this magic skill, but the taboo belongs to the taboo, but it is beyond their control. They have turned their attention to Su Ying, and they understand that this is probably why Wei Toothless said please before he left.