Chapter 78 Chaos
"Where come of evil! Look at the sword !” Li Feiyang was waiting to make moves. Suddenly, there was a loud drink from the horizon, and a colorful glow roared. In the blink of an eye, he came near, and then a firm but gentle roar came out, condensing into a horse and practicing against the dark clouds!
"Ow ~ ~ ~! ! !” There was a loud roar in the dark clouds, and a large area of dark clouds was shattered by the sword light. Then, another sword light roared and cut into the dark clouds.
The dark clouds dissipated again, and then hurried away toward the mountains. In mid-air, two figures shouted, and the imperial sword chased after them.
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing, JingJun three people paused at the same time, and then got up and chased the past together.
Those peripheral disciples followed, and a group of people caught up with Youping Mountain in a mighty way.
Li Feiyang started Drunken Fairy Mochizuki Ayumu to chase in the front, while Jingjun and Muzhuoqing were left behind by him, and the distance continued to increase.
At this time, those peripheral disciples have a new understanding of Li Feiyang in their hearts … This brother Li is so fast!
"Uber! Where to go! !” The binge drinking in the sky continues, and the sword light like a horse is constantly flashing, illuminating the dark night sky again and again, while the thick black clouds are fleeing, they are constantly fighting back, and the large black fog rushes toward the two people chasing the imperial sword, but they are chopped by the sword light every time.
Then the sword light, Li Feiyang clearly saw that in the dark clouds, a big silver fox was looming, and his red eyes were like two lanterns, shooting out Hao light in the dark clouds.
Li Feiyang’s heart is fiercely protected, and he suddenly understands that this is probably Bai Xiang. Although he knows that demons arrest people and hurt people’s lives, things have not been clarified at the moment. Although Bai Xiang has come here, he hasn’t made moves yet. Besides, even if he makes moves, the relationship between her and the kite is there. Li Feiyang also has to figure out what is going on. Look at the two people in the sky. If it goes on like this, Bai Xiang is afraid to run.
A few people running all the way chased into the depths of Youping Mountain, and the sword light of two people in the sky continued, and each wave was stronger than the other. The firm but gentle waves scattered the trees and rocks on the ground, and the white fox in the sky screamed repeatedly, which seemed to be untenable.
"Two master please stop, there are some misunderstandings! !” Li Feiyang saw that he couldn’t wait any longer, so he let out a yell, and his voice echoed in the mountains. The sword light in the sky stagnated for a moment, and then it flourished again. A majestic voice shouted, "Let’s subdue this Uber first, and then tell you about the misunderstanding! !”
Li Feiyang frowned, turned his hands into sword fingers and pointed at the sky, shouting, "We have sinned!" "
Click! ! Bang ~ ~! ! A flash of lightning and a fireball rushed into the sky at the same time, hitting the two men of the imperial sword respectively, only to hear a loud roar: "despicable people, actually in cahoots with the Uber!" !” Then a sword light was cut out, which immediately shattered the lightning and fireball.
Li Feiyang’s spell is the thunder spell and the inflammation spell. Although it can’t hurt the two people in the sky, it temporarily delayed the opportunity for them to make moves. The white fox seized this opportunity and let out a cry, adding it to the distance.
"Uber can’t escape!" The sword light soared instantly, and it was about to split toward the white fox. Li Feiyang stretched out his hand helplessly, opened his palm, and then squeezed it tightly together.
Click, click, click ! Several buckets of thunder and lightning appeared in the sky, chopping them down, which was Li Feiyang’s five-thunder spell skill.
The power of the Five Thunder Curses is far stronger than that of the Thunder Curses and the Inflammation Curses. In the sky, two people hurried back to the sword to protect themselves, and the white fox went further and further, but seeing it was impossible to catch up.
Hoo ~! Li Feiyang breathed a sigh of relief and was about to speak, but suddenly his eyes flashed with pure mans, and his feet even stepped, avoiding a sharp shock wave, but the biting chill invaded him like a maggot attached to the bone, and immediately made him tremble.
"Demon people! Accept your life! " The two men in the sky turned around and came at Li Feiyang in tandem, with their fingers hovering for a week and little blue light flashing constantly. Dozens of small blue swords appeared around them, and then came towards Li Feiyang’s maser, wrapping him all around.
The two men used the same technique, obviously from the same door.
"Shit!" Li Feiyang roared, and with the help of Mochizuki Ayumu, a drunken fairy, he spun around and dodged all the small swords, shouting, "Why didn’t you start work without asking indiscriminately? !”
The two men in the sky were obviously a little surprised that Li Feiyang could avoid his own technique. When they heard Li Feiyang asking questions, the voice that had spoken earlier said, "Collaborate with the Uber and let it go, you treacherous person, and everyone will be punished!"
"Besides, you made the first move!" Another loud voice was also drunk, which sounded like a young man.
"I said there was a misunderstanding. Why didn’t you listen?" Li Feiyang was alert and stared at the two people in the sky and answered.
"Cut the crap, demon, look at the sword!" When the man who spoke earlier turned the blade, a crescent-shaped sword awn was projected from the blade, and then it was divided into three parts. In an instant, the wind was raging around, and the branches were broken, and even the moon in the sky seemed to be dim, as if disturbed by the power of this move.
Li Feiyang’s air around him was suddenly tight, and a suffocating feeling spread all over his body. His degree suddenly slowed down a lot, and three firm but gentle waves spun around the city and rushed to Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang retreated quickly, just waiting to open the lightning protection array skill. At this moment, he only heard two whistles of surprises, and two arrows roared out not far away and fired at two people in the sky.
"Hum!" Draw a person with a cold drink, sword to cut out a sword mans hit the arrow light, the result of 1 of pa explosive, the arrow light and sword mans hit together, give off a fierce invisible gas strength, will have been fired at Li Feiyang three firm but gentle push off the direction, Li Feiyang took this opportunity to hurry back, away from the firm but gentle.
Boom ~ ~! The sky were to fall, the dust was flying, and the firm but gentle blaster was on the ground. When a huge crack was about to be raised in the earth, all the surrounding trees were broken, and the wood was scattered and splashed, and then it was smashed by the firm but gentle. Whether it was a stone or a broken wood, it was all smashed into dust within the scope of firm but gentle.
Li Feiyang’s back suddenly burst into a cold sweat. This technique is actually tough! This guy’s cultivation is terrible.
Search whoosh ~ ~! Their arrows kept shooting at the two people in the sky, which actually drove them to some confusion.
"What is this operation method? How so weird! !” Two people in the sky bother to drink, desperately waving their swords, resisting the arrows fired at them. Although they look very hard at the moment, the whole body is full of qi, and the aftermath of the critical strike can’t hurt them.
The archer is Jing Jun who is holding a bow aiming at the sun. At the moment, he is standing next to a big tree, and his face flashes with an expression of great determination and calmness. He is skilled in drawing an arrow with a bow and shoots it out. His archery degree has reached an incredible level. Later, he even set up three arrows at the same time and shot them together!

Chapter 79 Worship me as a teacher
The two people in the sky were driven by Jing Jun for a while, and the men in the town and the peripheral disciples of the Five Elements Sect also rushed over at this time. Seeing so many people gathered below, the two people in the sky probably realized that there might be some misunderstanding. After fending off another round of continuous shooting by Jing Jun, one person shouted: "Stop! I have something to say! "
Li Feiyang gave a hand, JingJun stopped archery, but still got three arrows in the air, and once there was anything abnormal, he immediately made moves.
Two people alert to slowly decline, Li Feiyang this just see their appearance.
Draw is a thin old man, with a three-foot beard floating in the wind, wearing a black cassock and holding a quaint sword with a strange shape. The whole body of the sword is like a dragon, winding and twisting.
The other man is a young man with a face like Guan Yu, red lips and white teeth, very handsome appearance, and the clothes he wears are not much different from those of the elderly.
"Who are you? Why do you want to start work on us? " The old man asked, with a deep doubt on his face.
"Who are you?" Li Feiyang asked.
Before the old man could speak, clear voice, a young man next to him, said, "We’re from the same family! This is our left protector, Yin, who is called’ Panlong Sword Immortal’ in the spiritual circle. He is just a mediocre person and a disciple of Taiyi, Wu Cangyue! "
When the young man finished, he put his hands on his shoulders and looked proud.
Yin didn’t speak as usual, but between the look but also with an air of high above.
"Panlong sword fairy? Taiyimen? " Li Feiyang frowned, as if he were pondering something. A group of peripheral disciples around him immediately revealed an expression of horror. Wu Cangyue and Yin saw in their eyes as usual, and they looked more disdainful.
"Never heard of …" Li Feiyang said, even the disciples of the Five Elements Sect felt a little dizzy. Never heard of it? ! Brother Li won’t be the famous Panlong Sword Immortal, the top five in the field of practice. Have you heard of it?
Wu Cangyue was furious and was about to speak, while Mu Zhuoqing on one side made a salute to the front section: "We are disciples of the Five Elements Sect, and this is my brother Li Feiyang. I have met Yin’s elder, and Brother Wu is good."
Li Feiyang, of course, can’t have never heard of Taimen. He just saw two people’s faces uncomfortable. At the moment, Muzhuoqing said so, and he had to salute the two people with Muzhuoqing, but his actions were unwilling.
When Wu Cangyue’s eyes lit up, the imperial sword almost fell in front of Mu Zhuoqing, but Jing Jun made a long bow and he stopped again, but the surprise in his words was still hard to hide: "Sister Zhuoqing, are you sister Zhuoqing?"
Mu Zhuoqing asked in surprise, "Do you know me, brother?"
"Know! Haha, we are a family. Your father, God Tianhuan, once instructed me to practice in the next place, so I can be regarded as my master. I often hear his old man mention you. "
Zhuo Qing said thoughtfully, "I did hear that my father once accepted more than half of his disciples. Is that you?"
"Yes ~ ~!" Wu Cangyue’s face grew more joyful.
Looking at Wu Cangyue’s look, Li Feiyang instinctively felt an inexplicable sense of crisis. He took a step closer to Mu Zhuoqing, stood side by side with her and asked, "Why is it half an apprentice?"
Wu Cangyue’s face suddenly became a little ugly, but Mu Zhuoqing subconsciously replied: "I heard my mother say that my father was going to accept a complete apprentice, but he said that although this person has good talent, he is not smart enough, so he didn’t want him to call himself master, and he didn’t teach everything he learned … Brother, I was aphasia for a while … In fact, I can be my father’s half apprentice, and you are already very good."
Seeing that Wu Cangyue’s expression has become so unnatural, Mu Zhuoqing quickly changed her mind. In fact, what she said is true. The cultivation of Tianhuan Shenjun Ye Gudao is inscrutable, and there are even rumors that it is not weaker than Li Jingyao or Mundus’s 6 proud days. Even half an apprentice can prove its extraordinary.
Wu Cangyue’s face just looked a little, but Yin snorted as usual: "Tian Huan Shen Jun Ye Gudao, Shen Jun, hum! It’s crazy to dare to call it that. Cang Yue is the most outstanding disciple of our Taiyi Family. Under the guidance of the head brother and us old bones, he entered the golden elixir period, and now he has vaguely touched the threshold for the golden elixir to solidify the baby. If this is not smart, then I really don’t know who dares to be smart in the world! "
Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing were deeply moved, so young that they arrived at the later stage of then? Isn’t this guy worse than Xiao Wu? !
This is not to say, this guy has a close to the thunder amazing fix for …? Li Feiyang thought more and looked up at Wu Cang Yue deeply.
Wu Cangyue smiled heartily: "Uncle Yin, it’s thanks to your good teaching and master’s good teaching. Cang Yue’s talent is dull, and he’s today thanks to the love of his predecessors. The boy dare not be arrogant."
Having said that, the pride on his face is still undisguised.
"Rightness, pool, what are you doing here? Just now … "Wu Cangyue glanced at Li Feiyang, and a little stunned appeared on his face:" This teacher younger brother’s cultivation in the fusion period can display his skill as strong as before? The disciples of the Five Elements Sect really have something extraordinary. "