"You’re actually talking like this." Chi Mie has a drunken face but can’t detect anything strange.

Yunzui immediately withdrew from Chi Mi’s arms and said, "I won’t tell you that there are still things to do. I may be busy at this time, but is the lover in the morning and evening?" The day after tomorrow, you will be left out for a long time. "
Then Yunzui took a bite on Chimie’s cheek and added, "Don’t look for me when you are honest for a while, or I won’t have time to talk to you. My handsome boy is still quietly preparing a dowry and sending it to the Buddhist mansion after the matter is completely solved."
Say that finish cloud drunk also treacherous pick eyebrow ShiRan away.
Chi Mie couldn’t help feeling drunk, which left him cold again and then got busy?
That’s what strong women do. How do modern men get there?
Chapter 71 See the last side.
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Yunzui hurried back to Xiaofu. Fortunately, there is Xiangbao in Xiao Tian. They are not in the office and Yunzui has not touched anyone. Naturally, no one noticed Yunzui’s strangeness.
Yunzui slammed the door into the air, which was like talking to himself in the eyes of outsiders. "Have you had enough trouble?"
And the ancient cloud drunk but emotional excitement crazy nu way "I make? You can save lives! But you didn’t! It’s you who let him die. I’ll fight with you. It will never be cheap for you and that woman Su Dye Pupil! "
Say that finish the ancient cloud drunk and hit his body hard and ran towards the wall. This is a determination to bump into a dead head!
Yun Zui couldn’t help pulling his body back immediately and hating the iron and saying, "In his heart, you are nothing. You are wishful thinking!"
Ancient Yunzui immediately angered, "Wishful thinking is better than you taking up my body, just like a bandit."
Say and try very hard to take a step ahead.
Yunzui felt worse than a headache and immediately had to ask, "If I didn’t have my soul scattered in my previous life, do you think you might have damaged your bones intact?"
Yunzui is very interesting. Now she has a body, but everyone is intoxicated by it. Now this body is not occupied.
"What are you looking for excuses, even as you say? I like different people from you, my beloved. You from ruin can’t kill someone you care about, so I’ll let you die! Let Su Dye go to sleep forever! " It’s going to hit the wall, but it’s hard for Yunzui to try to make the ancient Yunzui go one step further.
Finally, the ancient cloud was fascinated and walked quickly to the dressing table where things were placed. After sweeping the things to the ground, he broke the mirror on the ground and picked up the debris, thinking about rowing to his wrist.
Yunzui couldn’t help but be angry and anxious. He simply slapped himself in the face. A slap in the face was cruel and violent, and suddenly his face was a slap in the face.
Blood slap print fell on the face at the same time, Yunzui felt that his face was red and swollen, and his eyes were also flashing and his bald head was dizzy.
But the ancient Yunzui was completely quiet.
"If your heart is dying, then don’t come out again. You will sleep in the past so that you won’t have to fight with me again? It’s so hard for you and me to be one, and I’m also harming yourself as scheduled. It’s better to sleep and disappear without torturing me and forgiving yourself. "
Long after Yunzui said this sentence, Yunzui had no thoughts in ancient times.
Yunzui was really stunned by a slap in the face, but the ancient Yunzui said at this time, "Yunzui, can’t you see that I am about to die, let you dominate this mutual affection and let me see you again?" Although he is dead, I really want him to see his face, even in front of a corpse, and I want to see him again, so that I can always remember his appearance. "
Yunzui didn’t expect Yunzui to be so infatuated in ancient times. Would everything be different if he had been brave?
It would be cruel if Yunzui didn’t promise and didn’t seem unreasonable.
In ancient times, Yun Zui was in the same mood as when Yun died.
Chapter 711 Mass graves
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It’s just a meeting. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
Yunzui certainly feels that this requirement is not too much.
"I can promise you, but you have to be honest and stop trying to do other things. It’s so simple to meet?"
Ancient Yunzui immediately nodded desperately and then said, "I promise!"
Finally, Yunzui voluntarily gave up his body and let the ancient Yunzui control it.
In the end, the ancient Yunzui realized that Mulian had been thrown into a mass grave because of Yunzui’s words, only after Liyunzui gained prestige and some fame among officials.
Didn’t accept anything, beheading again or anything.
This is also because of the cloud drunk, Mu Lian’s death is not so tragic.
The ancient Yunzui immediately burst into tears when he heard the truth where there was no one.
She couldn’t help but be scared when she walked in the mass grave, because there were bodies everywhere, but she felt that she was intoxicated with this body, and this opportunity was won, and she wanted to see Mu Lian grind her teeth and not be afraid of being brave.
She walked in the mass grave step by step, and there were dead bodies rotting and bones covering her mouth. Yunzui was a little nauseous, but only when she endured can she find Mulian. She must not shrink back!
In ancient times, Yunzui held his fist tightly and his nails were deeply immersed in the meat without knowing it.
She looked around and there were bodies everywhere, but she remembered Mulian Clothes House. She was looking for similar clothes and bodies of arrows that had been shot.
I looked for it for about an hour, and I saw some rotting corpses in the future. The ancient clouds were so drunk that I vomited for a while, and sometimes I was scared to jump, but I still insisted.
Rummaging through her nose, she finally found Mulian’s body.
"Even Big Brother!" Ancient Yunzui shouted and immediately lifted Mulian’s body, but his hands were stained with blood.
"Even the eldest brother, wake up! Even the eldest brother is drunk!" Cloud drunk tears like don’t money out again.
She shook Mulian’s body, but she was surprised to find that Mulian’s body seemed to be still warm!
How can this …
It’s been such a long time. If you died, you would have been stiff and cold, but at this moment it’s not like that!
What the hell is going on here?