Chapter 12 is mortal

A drop of blood from the fist flowed from Matt Murdoch’s mouth and a strong arm pushed him hard. "Come and hit me, shrimp, I’ll let you hit me casually!"
Matt was pushed back a few steps reluctantly, and the white boy and his accomplices didn’t give up bullying him.
These black children shouted "Let’s fight!"
"Are you the same as your father?"
The white boy pushed on Matt again. "Come on, hit me."
Matt refused to wipe the blood from his mouth and defended his father. "My father will win the championship in boxing." The white boy shook his head. "nn Your father is also a coward." His black friends echoed "Yes, he is a coward!"
"Come and hit me." This time Matt was pushed by a white boy and turned around. He escaped from the narrow and dark alley in some confusion, leaving the gangsters laughing. "This is a piece of waste!" "Total waste!" "If you don’t dare to do it, you will run away!"
"Sad" Matt gave himself such a definition of childhood. Imil listened silently.
In his previous life, he told a story about Daredevil Matt, and the movie "Daredevil" didn’t have a high box office. Imil didn’t remember the movie so clearly either.
But he’s not Matt or Imil.
Although he didn’t have super ability in his previous life, in a relatively stable social environment, he didn’t feel deeply like Matt. Maybe if Imil was still alive, he would have a lot in common with Matt.
Matt suddenly came to his senses and asked, "Imil, where was I?" Imil looked at Matt and woke up. "Mr. Matt, you said you had a bullied childhood."
As if some disappointed with a sigh, Matt nodded. "Yes, that’s right."
He is really familiar with the hell kitchen, but a few steps away brought Imil into a billiard hall. In the United States, billiard halls and bars are usually separated, and Imil doesn’t know why Matt brought himself here.
However, he didn’t interrupt Matt’s self-narration. "My father is a ring boxer. A sports reporter once wrote that his boxing is like a demon, so his name spread far and wide. Everyone knows that’ the devil’ Jack Murdoch is a tough character!"
But that was a long time ago. Since Matt was born, Jack has been away from what he used to do.
He became an alcoholic who knew how to drink heavily and recalled his past glory in boxing matches broadcast on TV, but even if he drank himself unconscious, Jack would never forget to miss something.
Matt smiled at the corner of his mouth and said to Imil, "I came home that day and helped him to bed from the camera. He found my wound and asked me,’ Are you hurt?’ I pretended not to care, and then he got up from bed, looked me in the eye and said,’ You know I don’t want you to fight’ "
"It’s ironic, isn’t it? My father himself was a’ demon’ who was once feared in the black market, but he hoped that his children wouldn’t fight, especially in this hell kitchen."
Imil was a little curious and asked, "So what’s your answer, Mr. Matt?"
Matt shook his head and said, "It’s not that I like to make trouble, it’s that I can live in this hell kitchen. Those kids told me that my father never left the gang, and he was one of his thugs."
Imil interjected, "Who’s Mr. Matt Lun?"
Matt’s sunglasses reflect that the dim lights in the bar are white and cold. "That’s an asshole. The biggest asshole in the kitchen in hell. I went to your place to make trouble today. Old Babu is also a disciple of Lun Shou."
Imil White Disciple means that he knows that there is someone behind Old Babu, but he didn’t expect this person to be called "the biggest bastard" in Matt’s mouth.
Moreover, this "biggest bastard" and Daredevil Matt have been in the kitchen of hell for so many years and have not been eliminated, which shows how powerful this bastard is.
Imil intuition told him that he began to give him a * * today.
However, since Aaron sent old Babu to make trouble in the apartment building in Imil, unless Imil swallowed his anger and handed over the protection extorted by old Babu, sooner or later, he would have to face it head-on
Although it was not long before Imil came back to this world, he really liked to take care of his sister Kathleen everywhere. Even if Imil didn’t have the strength, he could bear the offense of others to Kathleen.
But he still didn’t know what Matt’s father said to him. Matt went on to say, "My father asked me to sit next to him."
Jack laughed. "If I’m really working for Aaron, do I still need the dock to work overtime day and night?" Do you have a brain or not? Don’t worry about being a doctor or a lawyer in the future except reading you, don’t be like me. "
Although he was scolded by his father, Matt was relieved to hear that Jack didn’t do anything. Jack added, "Matt, you can do it. If you don’t have fear in your heart, there is nothing impossible in this world. I want you to promise me."
Imil took advantage of Matt’s kung fu to look around and felt that American bars were no different from China. They were all full of vagrants hanging around in society, dyeing their hair in various colors one by one. It looked like they had spilled cocktails on their heads by mistake.
Matt listened for a moment and opened a table of snooker alone in the corner. He picked up a billiard stick from the wall and threw it to Imil to "play a game together."
"Uh, Mr. Matt, you’re a superhero."
Imil took the billiard stick and was a little at a loss. He also thought that Matt had something to teach him or to take him to some sacred place to repent, but he didn’t expect to bring him to play billiards in such a dirty bar.
Besides, it’s a bit too bullying to treat a blind Imil like this. Matt raised his head and looked at Imil, flatly denying, "No, no, no, superhero life is torture for me. Don’t treat me like a superhero. I’m just like you."
Chapter 13 Daredevil past
"Don’t think too highly of me and yourself. Although we have super abilities, we still have joys and sorrows. If mortals think like this, your life will be easier." Imil silently repeated Matt’s words.
He seems to have lost something, but he doesn’t seem to understand what Matt is talking about.
Matt had almost put all the red balls on the desktop into the bag when Imil was stupefied.
Don’t underestimate Matt’s skill just because he is blind. Just relying on the impact of billiards table and the slight vibration of the table is enough for Matt to grasp the location of all billiards.
Although Matt keeps saying that he is an ordinary person like Imil, after all, he has a super touch, and Daredevil’s kung fu is not relaxed at all. If it weren’t for a little mistake, I’m afraid he could really achieve a game.
Imil has been stunned. He is not completely ignorant of snooker.
But even if he has become a spectre now, unless he uses yin, where can his billiards level, that is, the amateur audience level, be compared with Matt, an almost comparable professional player?
He looked at the club that Matt handed him, threw it neatly to the side, walked over to Matt seriously and said, "Mr. Matt, why don’t we continue to listen to your story?"
"Well," Matt sat down when he saw that Imil really didn’t like this sport. "This was my favorite activity."
Imil suddenly remembered, "Mr. Matt, you weren’t born with lost eyes, were you?"
Matt shook his head. "Of course not."
When Matt was very young, he could still see things. Once, he went to his father’s dock where Jack was. The dock was very busy. Matt wandered around the dock for a long time before he found the supervisor.
But what the supervisor said surprised Matt. The supervisor told Matt, "Are you looking for Jack Murdoch? No, he’s not here. He’s been away for months. Go. "
Disappointed, Matt heard the supervisor’s words, and there was some speculation in his heart.
Maybe what the children who chased them didn’t end up making up. Matt was a little flustered and took his report card in his hand. He also fell to the ground and fell into a pool of water, which slowly soaked him.
He found his father in a remote alley on the dock, and someone was begging for mercy in a trembling voice, "Don’t hurt me."
Jack’s voice is no longer so kind at home. He has become the fierce "devil" in the black market. "I will, I have to. You know I have a heavy burden."
Matt couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw Jack viciously spoil the chubby man on the steel pipe. He exclaimed, "Dad?"
Jack turned around, but Matt had leaned forward and ran out. He didn’t know where he should go or what to do. He just kept running forward.
There is a chemical with radioactive substance all over the dock, and Matt’s thin body is drilling around in these chemical drums.
He ran tirelessly and faced his father with great disappointment.
Running all the way almost hit the dock factory forklift. The forklift driver slammed the steering wheel, but it was already late. The forklift body forked into the bucket filled with chemicals during the turn, and the chemicals splashed Matt’s eyes.
The chemical burned Matt’s visual nerve, and he lost his light from then on. Matt fumbled for a glass of whisky for himself. "When I woke up, I was already lying in the hospital bed, and my eyes were bandaged, but I knew it didn’t help."
I don’t know why Imil suddenly remembered that he felt black at the moment when he was stabbed in the lower abdomen by a San Ranchinus gun in his previous life, and then all the senses stopped working. When he didn’t feel it, it seemed that everything in the world had left him.
Matt said calmly, "I know I’m blind, but it’s strange that my other four senses have been raised. I can feel the movement far away than I have a sixth sense independent of the five senses."
He said, "My father said sorry to me, and we silently promised each other that we would never give up what we were afraid of, even if the chance was slim. We were two fighters who made a comeback. I lost my sight, but I had an unexpected gain. My remaining senses were as sharp as superman, and even more amazing was that my hearing was as sensitive as radar."